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Meet Our Team

Zach Hinkle
Zach HinkleCo-Founder
Zach is the Owner and Project Manager at Hinkle Hardscapes. For over 15 years, Zach has successfully operated his business, building over 3,000 outdoor living projects in the Kansas City area. Zach created the nonprofit organization with the intent to help his community. As a father of two, Zach knows that there is no better gift than parenthood. He wants to use his network and talent to give back to deserving locals who wish to adopt.

“Money should not stand in between you and your family.” — Zach

Emily Brown
Emily BrownCo-Founder
Emily is the Director of Marketing and a Project Manager at Hinkle Hardscapes. At Hinkle Cares, she serves as the Board Secretary, and the head of the Marketing & Fundraising Committees. Emily coordinates with our adoption agency partner, Zoe’s House. In her free time, she enjoys making videos and spending time with her family. She loves bringing joy to others and can’t wait to help families grow through adoption.

“Unconditional love should not be a difficult process. I am so honored to help bring families together.” — Emily 
Brandon Ogle
Brandon OgleCo-Founder
Brandon is the Director of Business Intelligence and a Project Manager at Hinkle Hardscapes. At Hinkle Cares, he serves as the Board Treasurer. Brandon is also the head of the Personnel & Community Outreach Committees. He coordinates with grant applicants and potential sponsors. In his free time he loves playing some pick-up basketball and running. He can’t wait to use this platform as an opportunity to create awareness of the adoption process.

“I look forward to uniting children with their forever homes.” — Brandon