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We are so excited to begin this journey. Starting a non-profit was no easy task. It seems that there are so many hoops that you need to go through before you can actually do something! Even though the stack of paperwork was enormous, we know that it was well worth it! We can’t wait to bring families together through the miracle of adoption.

Let’s back up a bit. You might be wondering why we decided to start Hinkle Cares, Inc. Hinkle Cares was created by employees of it’s parent company, Hinkle Hardscapes. We are contractors that specialize in outdoor living spaces. We design and install patios, pools and other outdoor living elements (fireplaces, pergolas, grill stations, water features, etc.). 

For months we were brainstorming ideas about how we could help out our local community. We knew that we had a great way to raise money — a backyard makeover raffle! The money raised from the raffle tickets would be donated to an organization of our choice. You’re probably wondering, why we didn’t host the raffle through Hinkle Hardscapes. The simple answer is that it’s illegal. Raffle’s are considered a form of gambling and are only authorized by registered non-profit organizations. Odd, right?  

We also knew that we wanted to make these raffles an ongoing fundraising opportunity. When it came to choosing a cause, we were a little indecisive. Should we help many causes, or should we be specific? The truth is that it took us a while to find the right fit, but once we did we knew we had made the right decision.

Initially we thought we would donate the money to well known non-profit organizations. The sad reality is that we would not have control over the funds that we donated. We wanted to make sure that all the money that we worked so hard to raise went exactly where it should, to deserving locals.

One day, as we were brainstorming, we thought “What better cause then helping children find their forever homes?” There isn’t really any organization like this in the area. Hinkle Hardscapes is based around building outdoor living environments for families to enjoy and spend time with one another. So basing our non-profit around families just made sense!

Zoe’s House is a non-profit organization that makes adoption much more affordable to families nation wide. They also serve Kansas and Missouri mother’s who are placing their children for adoption. Did you know that adoptions can easily add up to $40,000?!?! (Stay tuned for a blog post about that).

Zoe’s House reduces that cost by over a 1/4th! On average, an adoption through Zoe’s House will cost families around $10,000. Although this is a significant improvement, $10,000 is A LOT of money. As a father of two, Owner of Hinkle Hardscapes, Zach Hinkle, knows that there is no better gift than a child. After meeting with the Zoe’s House team, and seeing what genuine people they were, we knew that we wanted to pursue a partnership.

Our goal with Hinkle Cares is to offer grants for these adoption expenses to deserving locals. Essentially, we will be paying the bill for the selected families. Instead of giving the families cash, Zoe’s House will send us the invoice. The grant recipient(s) will be living in the Kansas City area, and will have to go through our application process.


If you are not interested in purchasing a ticket, but would love to donate to our cause, click here. We would be so grateful for your generous contribution.


The Hinkle Cares Team

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